The New Normal

Remember New Year’s Day 2020? Like many, I had an exciting year to look forward to with lots of interesting projects and as well as developing my skills , the thing I wanted most to see were the reactions to my clients’ long organised events coming off.

Then came Covid 19. By the Spring, i went from looking at where I would have time for social matters to wondering how I was going to fill up the rest of the year. Imagine being at a birthday party, playing musical chairs. Not only had the music stopped but the chairs, the people and everything else in the room had gone too.

The year was spent working ling hours at my day job, doing meetings via Zoom, self learning and planning to myself. Indeed I couldn’t do any of the fun things I wanted to do such as going into pubs, shops, visiting  places or going to Football matches. Anything I wanted to do was tied up with restrictions such as wearing masks, putting hand gel on and keeping my distance from people.

Not only has my personal perspective changed, but Cha he’s have happened all around the business world too. People heading off to the office are now staying at home. People in retail not able to open during busy periods such as Easter, Christmas or other seasonal times. And that’s not even to mention hospitality. One of my best friends runs a village pub and it’s been awful to see his business being damaged, but inspiring to see how he and his wife have adapted. 

However there is light at what seems to be an everlasting dark tunnel. The vaccines and improving data meaning that these tough restrictions are carefully being lifted by the Government and now people can get back to usual business life.

Only for some this has come too late or if salvation has arrived, it has come at a price. Clothes retail firms such as Topshop and Burton to name of a few will be going, as online only business costing people jobs in storefront.

Going for walks around my fairly new home town of Bedford and seeing a growing number of shops and buildings empty is pretty sad and depressing, in a place with so much potential.

However in these tough stormy waters and with possible recession ahead, there are opportunities for people to be successful.

More small Businesses and independent ventures have an opportunity to look at not just dominating through their windows but through the internet. This gives them a global shop window. 

It has never been a better time to use Social Media to promote and network. Having a website is also essential for people to see your product. After all, you can have the best service in the world but if people don’t see you, you are just standing still. 

As a kid, I remember the focus used to be advertising in newspapers, putting posters out and making sure your number was advertised in directories such as Yellow Pages. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with those things but now we are looking at our phones, googling what we want and see who and how long it take to get what you are after.

I’m looking to work with you to make your website stand out from the crowd –  not just making you forget 2020 but celebrating the new normal in 2021. So let’s work together and make it happen. Then we can celebrate the successes along the way, the first drink is on me!