2023, What’s New With You?

Eddie Gamble Web Design Services

Hey, how have you been? It’s been a long time, I know. But with the pandemic behind us, this year will be the one. I can feel it in my fingers and in my bones.

So since my last blog post, I have been working behind the scenes on my web design business. I’ve refreshed my logo and this will be the year when my App will be published. I’ve designed two websites and acquired so many items to help my develop my business that the flat is starting to look like a mini office! I’m also expanding my knowledge with courses and networking. You are never too old to stop learning.

I’m also exploring new avenues outside of my business, and my new day job. I’ve been taking dancing lessons to improve my moves, and also working on my snooker. In the kitchen, with the spring and summer coming, I’m making some delicious smoothies and juices. And enjoying a monthly music quiz at our local gig venue, Esquires. 

This year is full of goals then and hopefully some special occasions plus I’m seeing Sting in June! I hope your 2023 is going to plan and if’s not, there’s still 9 months to go! So best of luck and you will see a lot more blog posts and believe in yourself because everything little thing you do is magic!