The Best Is Yet To Come

In the first couple of months of my new business, there has been plenty of challenges that have come my way, both business and personal, as I have moved recently. So here is my story over the last few months.
Organic Or SEO
One of the main questions I get asked is how to get to the top of Google? Well this is question that can provide a variety of answers depending on luck, work and money.
The first thing you need is a website, obviously! Then the research is critical. This is just like the distant past before the Internet and web sites. You look at what you do, where you are based and who are your competition. You would type in a search, for example “plumbers in Cambridge”. You would look for the top searches and then that is when things begin to get complicated.
The problem with advertising spend is that they reckon only 5% of it is effective; but which 5%?
The top ones with ‘ad’ next to them are ones that people have paid to put on the top. You would then be saying how much? It could be tens, hundreds and thousands of pounds which companies spend to compete.
This brings us on to Google Adwords, should you use it? Again the answer can be yes or no depending on your situation. If you were looking to sell stock and compete early then this would probably be best. However for services, you can, with the right SEO planning and keywords, get to the top without spending a fortune.
Going back to the listings, you then look for the ones at the top and study them. You are probably thinking, right go out and copy as much as you can to get on the top. That may not be stealing, but it would be like trying to copy someone work at School and I’d not recommend it. They may have lot of quantity, but is it quality? Focus on yourself and your website, and the success it brings will be just around the corner.
Now we turn to organic. When I was asked to work on the Daxtonbury Festival website, the Festival already had strong support and crowds brought in by the excellent team. My job was to design and implement a website to bring the festival to the next level. A recent survey in regards to the upcoming festival showed that most people were finding out about the festival by one of the most important forms of advertising, ‘Word of Mouth’.
This is when I know I have done well on any of my websites, tomhear people tell me that I have done well or when my clients tell me when customers like the website. This makes me happier then trying to look for web visiting statistics. 
In regards to organic searches, this also includes doing business cards, flyers, newsletters and getting out telling people. I have been doing that by designing my own business cards. They will be ready soon!
So which one do you need to do? Simple, both! To take my website for example. I will be building up by giving out business cards, telling people about it and hoping to drive business my way by that important advertising weapon ‘word of mouth!’
However I can’t ignore SEO and internet listings. Firstly it’s a service I offer! Secondly this is also needed to build up interest. This is an area Ive been working on by adding the website to directory websites – some of them are now even calling me! It’s exciting but you do have to put your thinking cap on when planning especially when money is in the equation.
Still, develop the right strategy and anything is possible, for anyone out there. So I hope to see you in an Aston Martin showroom, looking at Villas or just drinking some quality Champagne in Monte Carlo. Well it’s dreams but as someone one said “If you don’t have a dream, how you gonna have a dream come true”.

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